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Super Attractor Card Deck

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Affirmations for the Month:
I am a Super Attractor.
I attract all the good that I desire with ease.
My thoughts and actions are in alignment with each other. 
I have faith that everything happens in its perfect timing.
I release all that does not serve my higher purpose in life.
I can accomplish anything that I focus my energy on.

Crystal Clear 2020 Vision and Alignment

The Universe wants to support you, but keep in mind if you give it hazy intentions to work with, the Universe will back you up and give you unclear and unfulfilling results in return. That’s why it’s imperative to be precise with your life’s aspirations. Have you ever asked yourself: WHAT DO I REALLY WANT TO ACCOMPLISH IN MY LIFETIME? If not, spend the next couple of weeks writing down everything you want to do in your life.  It can be from the most outlandish to the simplest thing. Once you have your completed list (this list will evolve), ask yourself: Are your thoughts and actions in alignment with your desires?  

Okay, so let’s say one of your dreams is to travel to a different country. Do you believe that’s a possibility for you to visit another country, or do you only think it is a fantasy? Your thoughts are powerful, remember that! You must believe in your ideas! You must have unwavering faith that your dreams can become a reality!

Have you researched the country that you want to visit? Have you applied for a passport? Have you opened a savings account to save funds for your trip (even if all you can put away is a dollar a week)? The point is each step you make towards what you want puts you in alignment to manifest those desires. Now, here is the beautiful thing about manifesting and letting the Universe know what you want, your desires can transpire into your life in ways that you could never imagine. You just need to be ready for when things start to happen in your life!

How are you feeling?

Let me tell you a little secret. Did you know feeling good can put your manifesting abilities into overdrive? If you are tuned into a frequency of hatred, jealousy, fear, worry, and judgment, that doesn’t leave very much room for love, kindness, joy, and happiness to flourish in your life. Freeing yourself from those low vibrating energies will help you shift into a state of feeling good!

Forgiveness is an essential first step to letting go of those damaging emotions. I know forgiveness is damn hard, but so is holding on to things that hurt us mentally and spiritually.

The Full Moon offers a perfect opportunity to practice forgiveness. Under the energy of the full moon, find a quiet place.  Surround yourself with things that make you happy, like crystals, candles, whatever puts you into a space of calmness.  Repeat out loud:

At this very moment, I choose to release everything that does not serve my higher purpose in this world. I start by forgiving myself. I set myself free. I am at peace. I am filled with love. I am renewed.  I forgive every situation and person that has hurt me. I am at peace. I am filled with love. I am renewed. I am strong. And so it is.

This month is the start of wonderful things to come!

Love & Light

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