You Have Been Called & Now It’s Time For You to Answer

Your Energy is your Life March 2020 Ganesha Oracle Cards
Your Energy is your Life March 2020 Ganesha Oracle Cards

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Affirmations for the Month:
I embrace who I am.
I am ready to learn how I can serve in this world.
I release my fears and walk my path with my head held high.
I am a significant person in this world.
I am a conduit of love.
I radiate love.

Serving this world as a Conduit of Love

“Your purpose for being here is to allow the universe to evolve.” – Deepak Chopra

If someone told you that your very existence makes you a significant person in this world, would you believe it? If you don’t consider that to be true, why not?

Know this, your presence on Earth is for a specific reason: to thrive every day through the service we provide to each other. We service each other by using our special innate abilities and gifts, not only to benefit ourselves but also to be a conduit of love.

What does it mean to be a conduit of love? First, please understand that we are all connected in some fashion. It may be through our relationships, bloodline, interests, but how we are all truly connected is through our energy.

Think about those days where it felt like if something could go wrong, it would! And on the flip, what about those days where you felt amazing and everything just flowed. The majority of the time, it is our energy that dictates how our day will unfold.

Yes, it is understood that we can’t control other people and every situation, but what we can control is our energy.

Imagine if you made a choice to genuinely radiate love, compassion, and happiness on a regular basis. What type of energy do you think would try to link up with yours? Like attracts like.

One of the definitions of conduit is a means of transmitting or distributing. As a divine being, we can choose how we want to transmit our energy. We can vibrate on a low frequency by being in a state of jealousy, hatred, fear, or judgment. Or we can vibrate on a higher frequency by walking in our purpose which is to serve with love.

When we accept our missions and become conduits of love, we can use our abilities and gifts to uplift, provide guidance and knowledge, be authentic, show compassion and kindness, and live in a state of gratitude and appreciation! Envision the contribution we can make in this world by just being ourselves! That sounds like a very important role.

How would you like to serve in this world?

If you are unsure of what your talents and abilities are, that is okay. They are definitely there, you may not see your gifts as special because they flow from you so naturally. Let’s awaken your awareness to your gifts. Start with taking a journey back to your childhood. In what subjects did you show an aptitude? What were some of the activities that you loved doing?

Maybe, you were the kid that noticed every detail in an assignment or relished telling a good story? Did you always volunteer to be a group leader? Were you the first one to jump into action when someone got hurt? This is an excellent start to understanding who you really are!

On the other hand, if you do know, but you are afraid to dive into unfamiliar waters, that’s okay too! Fear is a natural emotion to have, especially when there is uncertainty! Use your fear as an opportunity to connect with your Spirit by building your faith. Remember, no one is one hundred percent ready when they are embarking on something new.

Think about this, when people learn how to swim, do you think they are doing cannonballs into the pool on day one, nope! They are starting in the shallow end, dipping in a toe or two, and gradually working themselves over to the deep end by taking lessons, practicing, and being determined to learn how to swim. The point is to start the process, get into alignment with what you want to do, and keep going!

Here is the beautiful thing about walking in your purpose: Fear begins to dissipate as you align with a service mentality. Your confidence awakens as your focus redirects from you and more on how you can help more people.

Self - Love Assignment
Today, head over to wherever you purchase/borrow books, and go to the biography section. Find a book about someone that you believe has made a profound contribution to society.

While reading the book, pay attention to the parts of the book where it discusses their struggles and fears? And how did they overcome them? Notice that we all go through the same emotions on various levels. Imagine if they didn’t push on despite their fears, we might not have some of their valuable contributions in this world today.

Start where you are at now

Please know that you don’t need a specific job or cause to start living in your purpose. You can start right where you are by just sharing your love with people through being empathetic to others’ struggles, sharing kind words, and always doing things with a level of excellence.

Open your heart up today to say hello and smile at someone, share genuine compliments, be helpful, have a sincere interest in others, and to listen. Those small gestures can make a major energetic shift in someone’s day!

If you are not fond of the work you are doing now, that is okay. It is not your forever, but while you are there, do your best! Your energy of excellence will be noticed and will influence those around you and attract more of the things you want into your life. Remember where your energy flows will most definitely grow!

Spiritual Practice
Spend some time with yourself. Find a quiet spot that makes you feel happy and safe, preferably outdoors. Bring a notebook with you. In your notebook, on the top of a blank page, write down the question: Who am I?

Before you start writing, inhale and exhale for a minute and just relax. Repeat the following: My dear Spirit, I am ready to walk my path. Who am I? Begin writing and just let your words flow. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar. Just write nonstop. Release any judgments. Release the desires of others. This is all about discovering who you truly are at your core.

Once you are done writing, review what you wrote. Are you surprised by the words you wrote down? Repeat this exercise as many times as needed.

Love & Light

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