There is Always Light After Darkness

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In nature, storms are an unavoidable phenomenon. In one season, we could be basking in the sun’s rays that are shining brightly across a pale blue canopy. And in the next season, enduring grey skies, howling winds and a downpour of rain, snow, and hail.

The same could be said about the storms that roll into our personal lives.

However, in nature, when dark clouds and heavy rain mask the sky, our visibility of the sun is blocked, but we don’t worry about it, because we have faith that this occurrence will not last forever and we will see clear skies and the beautiful sun again!

But when we experience a turn of weather in our own lives, instead of seeking solace in faith that this dark moment shall pass, we turn to low-vibrating thoughts of doubt and fear, envisioning and replaying worst-case scenarios of the outcome.

Unfortunately, that type of thought process only manifests more of what we don’t want to experience in our lives.

It may feel impossible to think about anything else when it appears that only uncertainty is swirling around us, but thinking negatively about the situation doesn’t help it or change it in any way.

Remember, energy flows to what we focus on.

“I rejoice in the knowledge that I have the power of my own mind to use in any way I choose.” – Louise Hay


Walk in your Power

During adversity, it is an opportunity, more than ever, to connect to Spirit by trusting that everything is working out for the highest good of all!

This is your point of power! It is time to take control by choosing your thoughts carefully and believing in yourself.

This is the moment to build an unshakable shield of inner peace by carrying with you the same faith you have when you are patiently waiting to see the brilliant light of the sun during one of Mother Earth’s storms.

This dark season will not last and you will emerge from it stronger, wiser and bolder. And your light will shine brighter than ever!

Daily meditation practice is a great way to learn how to quiet your mind of wandering, low-vibrating thoughts and to tap into a calm, peaceful state when needed. If you are short on time, you can start with a few minutes a day. Those few minutes can make a huge difference by helping you maintain high-vibrational energy throughout the day.

Also, express your gratitude every day! It feels amazing to spotlight what you are currently grateful for in your life. Feeling good NOW will help you attract what you desire. As well, when you vibrate higher, the people around you can feel that wonderful energy and hopefully, it will raise their vibes too!

Read below on how to start a Happy Gratitude Journal.

“ No matter what happens to you in your life, you alone have the capacity to choose your response to it. When you form the habit of searching for the positive in every circumstance, your life will move into its highest dimensions. ” – Robin Sharma

Happy Gratitude Journal

For the next 21 days design your day with gratitude! Purchase a new journal/notebook or create something that is dedicated to this activity.

This is going to be your Happy Gratitude Journal. When you wake up in the morning, before you check your phone or head out for the day, you are going to write in this journal. There are 2 parts to this:

Part One
Write down three things that you are so happy and grateful for having in your life and explain why. Keep it simple. What you write down doesn’t have to be fancy.  It can be anything! No one else is going to read this so don’t hold back. Every day for the next 21 days you will choose three different things that you are grateful for. 


  • I am so happy and grateful that I have food to eat because this food gives me the energy I need to complete my activities for the day.
  • I am so happy and grateful that I have a cell phone so I can call the people that I love whenever I want to.
  • I am so happy and grateful for my apartment because I feel secure when I sleep at night.
Part Two
Start a new page. On the top of the paper, write down the following affirmation: I CHOOSE (blank), fill in the blank with what you want to focus on for the next 21 days. After that, write down at least three ways you plan to align yourself with your affirmation but keep it simple because you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with a long list of things to do in one day.


I CHOOSE Healthy Living:

  • Today, I only focus my thoughts on what I want to manifest in my life.
  • Today, during my 15-minute break at work,  I will take a walk outside.
  • Today, I will find a few vegan recipes that I will cook this weekend.

The next day, you are going to write down the same affirmation followed by three (or more) things that you are going to do to align yourself with your affirmation. If you didn’t complete something from the previous day, that’s okay just carry it over. Have fun with this!


I CHOOSE Healthy Living:

  • Today, I only focus my thoughts on what I want to manifest in my life.
  • Today, during my 15-minute break at work,  I will take a walk outside.
  • Today, after work, I will go to the park and walk 15-minutes before going home.
  • Today, I will go to the grocery store and purchase the ingredients for the vegan recipes I found yesterday.

Since this is your Happy Gratitude Journal, make sure to add anything to the journal that makes you feel good, like inspirational quotes, flowers, photos, drawings, and articles!

At the end of the 21 days, look back through the journal and see all of the wonderful things that are happening in your life and everything that you accomplished in the last 21 days! Use this journal as a tool to keep you focused on your goals and to lift your spirits when needed!

Let me know how it goes. I would love to hear from you. Comment below about all the amazing things that happened in those 21 days!

Love & Light ♥

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