Emotional Healing Spread - The Light Seer's Tarot Deck
Emotional Healing Spread - The Light Seer's Tarot Deck

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Hello love! This month’s energy will be very busy! We have two eclipses (which will amplify this month’s energy), Mercury Retrograde, Summer Solstice, and the start of Cancer Season!

June’s energy reading is inspired by Cancer’s emotional influence.  I thought an Emotional Healing spread would be very fitting for the month.  Please remember this is a reading for the collective, so please take what resonates and live the rest in your back pocket. You know how life works.

Affirmations for the Month
I am centered and calm.
I hear my inner voice and wisdom.
I have a positive perspective on life.
Today is a new day and I accept all of the opportunities that today offers.
Unakite – Draw in the energy of this stone to help you release the past and live in the moment.

Chrysocolla – Invite this stone into your life to help you make a fresh start.

Powerful Energy Days
Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius:
June 5th

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius:
June 5th

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer:
June 18th – July 12th

Summer Solstice:
June 20th

New Moon in Cancer:
June 21st

Annular Solar Eclipse in Cancer:
June 21st

This spread is from the book New Age Tarot Spreads: 99 Modern Layouts to Make Your Readings Unforgettable.  If you are interested in learning more about the book or picking up a copy for yourself, you can purchase it  (FYI – This is an affiliate link which means I will be paid a small commission if you make a purchase through it at no extra cost to you…thank you for the support!) on Amazon. Check it out here!

Emotional Healing Spread

1.  What am I feeling?

The Moon

There appears to be energy from the past coming forward. Unresolved issues!  You have done such a great job of burying that period of your life that you were under the illusion that everything was fine. However, if you find yourself becoming triggered by minor things, remember your subconscious mind never forgets!

Self Check-in: What are your unresolved issues that you are trying to block out? It is time to work those out!

2. Why do I feel it so strongly?

Ace of Pentacles
There are so many new opportunities arising for you now (or are trying to come into fruition). Your potential for growth is boundless. The Universe is just waiting for you to see it for yourself. However, these emotions from your past may be blocking your blessings.

Spirit feels the energy of unworthiness, fear, or shame in your subconscious, which is influencing your overall vibes. The Universe co-creates with you by using the energy that you give it.  You will not be able to live peacefully in the present moment or build the future you envision with the shadow of your unresolved issues lurking around you.

3. How can I soothe this feeling?


Page of Wands (reversed)
You may be feeling like you just want to block out these feelings again by any means, so you don’t have to deal with them, however, be careful of doing something reckless to ease your pain. You did not get to this point overnight, so please do not think it will be an overnight solution.

Spirit suggests not to be afraid of digging deep into your spiritual journey.  This will take you on a new level that, in the beginning, may draw out uncomfortable feelings, but eventually, you will feel more at ease. Forgiveness is a possible start for you.  I completely understand forgiveness can be hard.

However, it is harder to hold on to the pain of the past and allow it to control your current life. Harness the energy of this upcoming Full Moon to help you release all that doesn’t serve your higher purpose so you can move on to all of the beauty that life has to offer you (Ace of Pentacles)! It will feel like a fresh start for you!

Self Check-in: Create a daily ritual of meditation and affirmations that will help you connect to your Higher Self. If you need to speak with someone about what you are feeling, do not be afraid to do so, find someone appropriate to discuss your situation with.

4. What happens if I let it go?

Knight of Cups

Once you work through these emotions from the past, you will be unstoppable!  You will feel so in tune with your feelings, which will bring you such a sense of peace, calm, and self-love vibes that you haven’t felt in a while.

This new state may help you express your feelings easier instead of bottling them up. Also, as I mentioned above, the Universe uses the energy that we provide to it, so allowing this energy to flow may attract more of it into your space!  

5. What am I learning?

Page of Cups (reversed)

You are learning that this emotional energy from your past is hurting you more than the actual situation or person that opened the door to this pain. It is producing negative thoughts and actions that are blocking other areas of your life.  Also, you are learning that hurt people hurt people, and the reactions of other people do not always have to do with you.

6. What can I do to stop taking things so personally?

King of Swords

Spirit is asking you to look at the whole picture before reacting to a situation or person. Take a step back and analyze what is truly happening. Do not base your reactions on your emotions.

Self Check-in: The reaction you are receiving, is it really about you, or is it about the situation or the person’s issues with self?

7. What is the best way to get through this?

3 of Swords

Acknowledge the pain. You are a human being, so you are going to feel emotions! Take the time that you need to work through these feelings and stop trying to cover them up. Your mind is such a beautiful, intelligent creation that it won’t allow you to just tuck away those feelings forever without dealing with them. Allow the emotions from your past to flow. Understand the pain so you can use it as a tool for growth.

Self Check-in: It can be beneficial to share your story with others who have gone through similar situations.   Our trials and tribulations give us the knowledge and strength to evolve.


Love & Light

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