Allow Your Higher Self to Guide Your Path

The Teacher (HIgher Self) - Black Angel Oracle Card Deck
The Teacher - Black Angel Oracle Card Deck

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This month’s energy guidance is inspired by the wisdom of The Teacher.

Affirmations for the Month
I am grounded.
I learn from my experiences.
I am connected with my Higher Self.
I allow my intuition to guide me through life.
I make choices that help me reach my highest potential.


Black Tourmaline – Carry this stone with you during the day to help you maintain a state of calmness and balance. Its energy will help you feel protected during the day.

Amethyst – During your daily meditation, place this stone on your crown chakra to help you connect with your Higher Self.


The Energy of The Teacher

On the oracle card, The Teacher appears as a beautiful life force infused with a vibrant tree. She possesses a regal stance that is supported by her sturdy roots and the Earth’s fertile land. Her mind, body, and spirit are fed through Mother Nature’s healing energy allowing her to feel balanced and connected with the Universe.

Her physical eyes always remain closed because she never looks outward for guidance. Whatever may be happening around her does not influence her demeanor. She remains calm and trusts that all will work out in its due time. Her wisdom emanates from within.

Devoted to the truth, The Teacher always speaks from the heart. Her forthright manner may sting at first, but is always appreciated once all is said and done.

Her trusted knowledge has gone through various tests, which is simply known as experience. Faith and consistency have given her the power to surmount many challenges. At times, according to societal beliefs, it may appear that she has not won; however, she is always the victor due to the lessons she has learned.

When the energy of The Teacher comes into your life (usually after a jarring experience), you are being encouraged to reconnect to your Higher Self, and allow this powerful gateway to help you see your life through the eyes of divine wisdom and less through the eyes of the ego.

Are You Standing in Your Way?

Sometimes, we can unwittingly stand in our way due to low-vibrating habits and choices. Thus, we repeat the same experiences and never learn from them, which keeps us stagnant in our lives.

Do you find yourself in similar drama-filled scenarios just with different people?

Do you feel like you are attracting the same relationships?

When you make decisions, are they clouded with doubt and worry?

Do you feel like you are always second-guessing yourself and have the need to ask multiple people for advice?

Do you find that every job that you have ends the same way?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it simply means it is time to raise your frequency by sending an invitation to your Spirit to help guide you with its light. When we allow our higher self to lead the way, we have the opportunity to sit back and view our life from a different perspective that is void of fear.

And welcome in peace, compassion, confidence, and discernment!

Connecting with your Higher Self Visualization & Meditation
If you are able to do this meditation outside, it would be preferable.

Find a quiet space outdoors where you can place your bare feet flat on the ground (grass, sand, dirt, or concrete), and please make sure the area is free of debris. We want to make sure your feet are secure!

You can sit or stand, whatever is most comfortable for you. Start by taking a few deep breaths and listening to the beautiful sounds of nature. Close your eyes and say out loud or to yourself: I AM READY!

If you are standing, place your hands by the side of your body, turning your palms facing forward. Stretch your fingers far apart. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart.

If you are sitting, place your hands on the top of your thighs with your palms facing upward.

Let’s begin. Envision the bottom of your feet, transforming into beautiful, strong roots. Your roots spread quickly into the Earth’s crust, completely anchoring you down. You feel supported and safe. Tranquility washes over you. Your roots absorb the land’s healing sustenance. As you receive this flow of energy, a golden light covers your body. It continuously expands and brightens.

This force becomes so powerful that it bursts and transmutes into a blinding white light! Immediately, a stream of light extends from the crown of your head straight up. You’re now connected to Source from below and above. It is flowing within you. This transmutation awakens your Divine Self. Feel the comfort and love that is surrounding you. Whatever you are feeling, allow it to flow.

Ask out loud or to yourself: WHAT IS IT THAT I NEED TO KNOW?

You may receive an answer in the current moment, or this information may come to you throughout the day or in the following days or weeks. Allow the process to unfold in its perfect timing.

Once you are ready, envision all of the beautiful light streaming into your heart. Your roots are rescinding from the land and transforming back into your normal soles. Take a few deep breaths, open your eyes, and say out loud or to yourself, THANK YOU!

Remember, this power will always be inside of you! Practice this visualization/meditation as frequently as needed. 


Maintain Your Level of Consciousness


  • Daily Meditation: Throughout the day, spend a couple of minutes meditating to help you calm your emotions and clear out defeating thoughts.
  • Experience the Moment: Your Higher Self operates in the current moment. The present moment is your point of power to make beneficial choices that will help you reach your goals.
  • Be Creative: Allow your imagination to run wild sometimes. It will help you see past the mundane and foster new ideas.
  • Alone Time: Carve out some time for yourself so you can practice self-care.
  • Reading: Expand your world by reading books that make you think outside your current paradigm.
  • Earthing or grounding: The practice of connecting to the Earth’s energy through our bare feet is said to help us with pain, stress levels, and circulation.


Love & Light


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