Tapping into Your Super Attractor Powers may be the Missing Link to Manifesting Your Desires

Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein
"Super Attractor is a manifesto for confidently claiming your desires." - Gabrielle Bernstein

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We all have Super Attractor powers that we can connect with to build a life that we love waking up to every day! But somehow, we get disconnected or never learn how to tap into this energy and we become trapped in an endless loop of disappointment, frustration, anxiety, and worry. I have definitely been there!

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that this article contains some affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, if you click on the link & make a purchase I will receive a small commission (just enough to buy a little crystal). Thank you!

Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond your Wildest Dreams, will guide you on a transformational journey based on the concept of feeling good to help you, “tap into an infinite source of abundance, energy, joy, and well-being.”

I know it sounds a little too simple, but think of it like this, you attract what you are. Let’s say you get up every morning and speak out the affirmation: I Am Peace, but all day your actions and thoughts are geared towards worry, doubt, and judgment.

What do you think you will attract more of, what you say (peace) or what you feel (fear)? Now, don’t get me wrong affirmations/mantras are fantastic. I practice them daily, however, it is important that what you want is in alignment with your thoughts and actions to create that amazing synergy that will manifest your desires!

Did You Know
Gabrielle Bernstein is a #1 New York Times best-selling author.

What is a Super Attractor?

In Super Attractor Bernstein breaks it down as:

Being a Super Attractor means that what I believe is what I receive. I can co-create the world I want to see by aligning with good-feeling emotions and directing them toward my desires. I can tap into an unlimited source of creative energy to contribute inspired ideas, offer wisdom, receive abundance, and feel free. And best of all, I can harness this power into a force for good in the world.

If you are new to the concept of manifesting and the law of attraction, this statement may seem a bit over the top but let’s unpack it:

What I believe is what I receive. I can co-create the world I want to see by aligning with good-feeling emotions and directing them toward my desires.

This statement goes back to what we discussed earlier. Do you really believe that you are capable of changing your life? When you write down or speak your goals, do you feel good about the possibility of achieving them? The Universe wants to work together with you to build the life that you want to live, but it can only work with the energy you provide it.

Here’s an example, let’s say you want to be a successful singer.  When you sing, people stop to listen and enjoy your voice. You are nervous about singing in public but when you do share your talent you feel so full of joy that your nerves just melt away and you only focus on that amazing feeling.

You believe and feel like you are stepping into your purpose. You study and practice your craft. You are in a space of feel-good energy, a place where your talents can flourish. The Universe picks up on those vibes and sends you more opportunities to share your talents.

Do you believe in your talents/abilities?  What type of energy are you putting out there for the Universe to work with?

Super Attractor Card Deck
Super Attractor Card Deck
I can tap into an unlimited source of creative energy to contribute inspired ideas, offer wisdom, receive abundance, and feel free.

Once you are tapped into those feel-good emotions and realize life has unlimited possibilities, you will feel unstoppable. This force gives you the confidence and freedom to be you, which will attract more of the things that you want to happen in your life!

I can harness this power into a force for good in the world.

The beauty of this world is we all have different gifts and talents to share. Once we are free, our gifts have the ability to flow from us with ease giving us the opportunity to serve others.

Imagine if we all just felt great about ourselves and walked in our purpose, that would end a lot of suffering and pain in this world. If you start by transforming your thoughts, feelings, and actions, when others see your growth, this may encourage them to do the same, creating a chain reaction of higher vibrations!

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.Gandi

Let’s jump into the book now!

Super Attractor Card Deck
Lovely card from the Super Attractor 52-Card Deck

Introduction: New to your Inner Power or Just Reclaiming It


If you are like me, I usually skip the introduction of books because I like to jump right in. However, I would suggest not doing that with this book, especially if this is your first time exploring this subject or if you are reacquainting yourself to manifesting.


Did You Know
Gabby was featured on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday as a”next-generation thought leader.


For the newbies, in the introduction, Bernstein lays down a beautiful foundation of what it means to be a Super Attractor and how your life will transform once you have connected to this power. In addition, she points out that just because you are a Super Attractor, that does not mean that your life will always be rainbows and unicorns.

But hopefully, with your new powers, you will choose to see obstacles as an occasion to learn and deepen your faith in the Universe. Are you excited yet? 

If you are reclaiming your Super Attractor energy, Bernstein discusses in the introduction five ways she believes you may have blocked or disconnected from your power.

One way is merely forgetting that you are a magnificent being capable of co-creating your life with the Universe.

If you are not intentional about your mindset, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the negativity present in the world.  Therefore, fear, jealousy, or any emotions and actions that do not serve your higher being can sidetrack you from living your true purpose.

You literally forget who you really are. You build up belief systems of separation, lack, judgment, and negativity. All these false perceptions deny your inner power and block your Super Attractor power. This book will be a wake-up call to remind you of who you really are.Gabrielle Bernstein


Did You Know
Gabby co-hosted the Guinness World Record Largest guided meditation w/ Deepak Chopra.


Manifesting Miracles One Chapter at a Time

The lessons and methods that Bernstein discusses in Super Attractor are not new. But she shares the concepts with a refreshing energy that feels like you are having an insightful conversation with a good friend that opens your eyes up to all of the wonderful things you could be enjoying in life.  She weaves her own experiences of spiritual growth throughout the chapters while sprinkling references from A Course in Miracles, Abraham-Hicks and Dr. Wayne Dyer to support her Super Attractor teachings. 

A Course in Miracles
A Course in Miracles is a self-study program that takes you on a daily journey of spiritual discovery. “Its goal is to awaken us to the truth of our oneness with God by removing the obstacles that block our awareness of love’s presence.” – A Course in Miracles
Abraham- Hicks
Through inspiration, Esther Hicks shares Abraham’s (nonphysical entity) teachings of the Universal laws of attraction.  “…relationships, health issues, finances, career concerns and more are influenced by the Universal laws that govern your time-space-realty.” – Esther & Jerry Hicks
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Dr. Wayne Dyer has written over 40 self-improvement books with 21 being #1 New York Times bestsellers. “Remember, we are not our country, our race, or religion. We are eternal spirits. Seeing ourselves as spiritual beings without label is a way to transform the world and reach a sacred place for all of humanity.” – Wayne Dyer

There are 11 concrete chapters in this book. Each section of Super Attractor offers a lot of valuable information.  Below I have listed the 11 chapters and the points that really stood out to me in each chapter.

Chapter 1: The Universe Always Delivers
If you are resistant to the idea of aligning with the Universe, you will not be able to tap into your Super Attractor power. This chapter will teach you how to release this resistant energy and how to start your day off in the right frame of mind.

Chapter 2: It’s Good to Feel Good
Fear, in all forms (anxiety, judgment, etc.), can block you from attracting all that you desire. This chapter will guide you through methods that will quickly lead to you feeling good now.

Chapter 3: There’s more than Enough to Go Around
Daily you may be unintentionally replaying thoughts that are blocking you from stepping into or reclaiming your Super Attractor power. Bernstein has identified seven common negative beliefs that can take you out of alignment with the Universe. Awareness is one of the keys to becoming a Super Attractor.

Chapter 4: Have Fun Along the Way
Feeling good is the doorway to manifesting the life that you want. This chapter will teach you the importance of being in a state of joy every day.

Chapter 5: Lift the Veil
Negativity is in the world, but you don’t have to let that darkness dim your light. In this section, you will learn how to rise above the day to day drama and to be the light everywhere you go!

Chapter 6: Invisible Guidance is Available to You
Be open to receiving direction from other sources. Bernstein will guide you on the process of receiving guidance from angels, spirit guides, and family and friends who have passed on.

Chapter 7: Do Less and Attract More
Manifesting is a fantastic force. In this section, you will learn a method that “when you apply this method to anything you desire, you can trust that you’re co-creating with the Universe rather than forcing a vision into form.”

Chapter 8: Taking Spiritually Aligned Action
In this compelling chapter, Bernstein discusses how to surrender your plans to a higher power and trust that your alignment with the Universe will help you manifest the highest good for all!

Chapter 9: Appreciate and Appreciate More
Appreciation is one of the keys to tapping into your Super Attractor powers. In this chapter, you will learn why and how to stay in a state of appreciation.

Chapter 10: Let the Universe Catch up with your Dreams
This chapter will show you how to allow the universe to guide you and how to enjoy the process of manifesting. Everything happens in perfect timing.

Chapter 11: Unwavering Faith in the Universe
“Faith isn’t hoping that God will help you; faith is knowing that help is on the way.” You will learn to have faith during the process.

If you have already read Super Attractor, what were some of the key concepts that stood out to you in the book??

Incorporating this Book into your Life

1. Get a brand new journal so you can document your journey. When you change your energy and how you think, miracles are bound to happen! Bernstein created a lovely Super Attractor Journal to coincide with the book.

2. Read the book straight through the first time to gather a general understanding of the concepts.

3. Each week choose a chapter and study/practice the lessons for that week so you can ingrain the information into your life.

Super Attractor Journal
Gabrielle Bernstein created a journal to coincide with the book Super Attractor.


My Super Attractor Power


“Miracles Inc. would like to offer you the position, Aisha!” the recruiter enthusiastically shared with me over the phone. “I will email you all the details today.” “Thank you, and I will speak to you soon!” I replied, barely containing my excitement.

After I hung up with the recruiter, I looked over at my husband in disbelief and screamed out, “I will be working at Miracles, Inc. This is so wild!” 

So you must be thinking right now, that’s good you got a new job but what was so wild about that?

It is how I received this job that made it so amazing. At the time, I didn’t realize it, but I was tapping into my Super Attractor powers.

I definitely manifested this job to myself.  If you release your grip on trying to force outcomes in your life and allow the Universe to do its magic, you will be amazed!


The Universe really does have your Back, if you allow it too


There was a corporation that I was very impressed with, and I wanted to become a part of their team. For the sake of the article, I will call the business Miracles Inc.

Everything that I read or heard about Miracles Inc. was highly positive. I applied for a position through their online portal.  Their HR recruiter called me back within a week and asked me to come in for an interview!

Unfortunately, I did not get the job. Of course, I was disappointed but not discouraged. Nevertheless, over the next five years ( I know that may seem like a long time, but those years went by so fast), I would review their website to see if any open positions fit my qualifications.

The jobs I saw on their site were either not a good fit for me, or I didn’t have the skills for the jobs.

I hit a point in my career that I was ready for a change!  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  So, I registered with an employment agency.

A recruiter called me back pretty quickly about a position she thought aligned perfectly with my skill set. She told me the job was with Miracles Inc. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! I remember the hair on my arms stood straight up when she told me the name.

Yes, I was that excited because what would be the likelihood that the first company the recruiter called me about would be Miracles Inc!


The Universe Caught up to my Desire


So after my interview, the recruiter called me two days later, and you know the rest! I don’t know the specifics of why I didn’t get the first position with Miracles Inc.

However, I do know that this situation was an excellent lesson for me! It strengthened my belief in alignment, manifesting, and the concept that everything happens in perfect timing.

Five years may seem like a long time, but during that period, I developed my skill set, and when I had the opportunity to interview for my new position, I was ready for it!

I could have easily pushed to get a job at Miracles Inc. by applying for anything to get my foot in the door, but I am glad that I didn’t!  I am grateful that I waited for the Universe to catch up to my desires!


Have you read the book, Super Attractor? If so, I would love to hear from you. What were some of the key points that stood out to you in the book?

Love & Light!


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